Review – Does It Really Work? [Legit or Scam]

Here we will guide you about Numerologist Com Reviews: Is Its Report Legit Or Fake? The best Numerology Name, Number and Date Of Birth Calculator.

If you are studying this article then probably you may have these questions in your mind:

Is Numerology true?

Can Numerology support me in finding the purpose of my life?

Why Mike Madigan’s is making big waves on the internet? Is it real? is a website or a service that gives you with numerology report including your life path number, expression number and more.

Provide them your name they show you who you are. Give them their date of birth they will inform you about your future. Isn’t it sounds exciting?

There is an old saying that, every fact lies hidden in the numbers. Different kinds of numerology accessible with us from name numerology to predictive numerology.

The numbers are copied into their respective letter to offer advice and predictions. Review

Numerology sounds interesting, but the estimations of numbers aren’t easy. It needs a professional help who understand numerology.

Thankfully, Mike Madigan is giving his service for a quite minimal cost that people who believe in numerology are using it.

However, numerous people have several questions about its authenticity, and some have suspicions that it is nothing but a scam.

If you have similar concerns, then you are in the correct place as you will discover the genuine truth about this service.

In this article, you will find how it works, its pros and cons and everything that assist you in making a SMART buying decision. Let’s start this review. Our Numerologist Com Reviews will guide you about each and every aspect of the product.

What Is by Mike Madigan is a well-established site or service designed for people who want to know deeply about numerology but don’t want to go through time-consuming calculations. is offering various eBooks and Personalized Prediction Reports that you can buy from this site to discover your different personality traits, career, health, relationship, and even future.

Those who are not familiar with numerology should know, Numerology is studied for thousands of years presently after humans have had a language with them.


The system of numerology has helped multiple people in the past. Numbers have a wondrous power that can even predict the future.

Mike Madigan organized, but now a team of experts is giving free and paid numerology reports to the public.

You can examine this ancient art by entering your name and date of birth to get your first personalized report for totally free.

However, to unlock more knowledge about your life and future, you have to buy any one of the six reports prepared in These Numerologist Com Reviews will guide about its 6 reports.

Here is the information about these 6 reports:

Premium Numerology Report – this report includes deep insight about you, your different skills, your hidden talents, your personality, and your expected life

Chinese Numerology Report – This report contains information about 4000-years numerology practices of Chinese along with your strength and inner self.

Romantic Compatibility Report – this report will explain to you how you are doing in your relationship by relating you and your life partner’s number.

Customized Personality Report – This report offers an in-depth view of who you really are

Life & Success Snapshot – this report is a must-have for people striving in their career and wants to get out from their business crisis.

Complete One-Year Forecast – this subscription presents a forecast for 12 months. You will get a report every month including a prediction on upcoming challenges and how you can manage them.

How Does Work? Is Its Report Legit Or Fake?

If you are studying this article, it means you have some interest in this service. However, it is essential to understand how this service works to choose if it is for you or not.

Although there are numerous techniques in Numerology, Mike Madigan applies two techniques on his site. Both these techniques operate in the same way, but the only difference is the amount of knowledge his team can get from given details such as name, surname, and date of birth.


The first technique depends upon numbers and letters in our name, surname, and date of birth. Mike and his team estimate all possible combinations of these numbers and letters to come up with the knowledge that they give in the report.

Anyone can implement this technique if he has an understanding of numerology and able to calculate numbers and letters behind his name and date of birth. This kind of technology is powerful in getting exact and wider data. This is why I suggest this technique.

This technique gives much precious information about various life areas of your life. When you buy this report from then the report will come with around 30 areas of your life. Some of them are:

  • Life Path
  • Heart Desire
  • Small Heart Desire
  • Subconscious Self
  • Personality
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Hidden Passion
  • Personal Years
  • Planes Of Expression
  • And More

The second technique needs to be conveyed with the help of the person who has a powerful spiritual connection. You may see steps about this technique on the internet but this technique gives the perfect result to only those that have powerful numerology knowledge, or he is a master numerologist.

The procedure for estimation is the same – it collects numbers and letters through our name, surname, and date of birth as this three-factor us.

Once master numerologist gets our knowledge, he calculates and applies his expert knowledge for numerology to get important information about us.

The results with this technique are accurately the same, but it doesn’t cover multiple areas of life. This technique helps find a solution to a particular problem or understanding why a problem is happening in life.

With this technique, you can see the solution to your problems. Since this technique needs services of master numerologist that is why it is costly than the former technique.

Anyone can calculate numbers and letters behind his name and date of birth, but most reliable are those who not only have proper numerology knowledge but also follow numerology as his real passion.

I hope this section of’s article has clear your doubts about how this service works. If you are interested in working on this numerology service, then you can think to get a ‘FREE’ personalized report. Our Numerologist Com Reviews will explain to you its 2 techniques.

Things To Consider About Numerology Name, Number and Date of Birth Calculator:

“Your name is not an accident”, says their headline and it is accurately so. Your name and date of birth show a lot about you. By understanding the secret behind your name and date of birth you can build the life you wanted it to be.

There is an option to download the free personalized report from Just by studying this free report you learn lots about your personality that will assist you in picking the right career and prepare yourself for the problems that will come to you shortly. These Numerologist Com Reviews will teach you what to consider for buying this.

Who Should Purchase Reports From

Do you want to change your life? You know what you want from your life, but you need to understand which life path will lead you towards success?

If you know what you want but striving to make it happen then, numerology can be an easy and efficient way.

As you already know, the initial report from is totally free of cost. And I highly suggested everyone get it as it will cost nothing.


This free report informs you about your personality and also shows you quite little about your future. But, it will provide you some idea about what you can expect from paid reports.

If a free report seems interesting to you and you want to share more about your future then you can buy one of their reports. They give numerous different types of reports such as premium numerology reports, romantic compatibility reports, and others.

Who Should Not Buy Reports From

Numerology has changed the life of numerous people. If you also follow numerology and make choices in your life according to the numerology report you get from then you can make a positive difference in your life.


Since numerology depends so much on your faith, that is why you won’t get your desired result if you compare it with skepticism and mockery. If you don’t consider numbers or think numerology is silly, you won’t be getting any results with this method. These Numerologist Com Reviews will tell who should and who should not buy this.

What Makes Report Unique?

For me, three things that make numerologist different are Purpose, Plan, and Confirmation.

Purpose: The initial thing you are going to read from the report is your life mission. The experts behind the will assist you to discover the true purpose of your life.


By studying the report, you will discover significant and meaningful things you can do in your life.

Plan: After understanding your goal, now you will learn how to plan your journey to reach your goals. The report of Numerologist will explain to you how to work on your aim and when to wait for the right time.

This numerology report will show you how to take advantage of your powers and how to overcome your weaknesses to change them in your strengthen.

Confirmation: This part of the report will provide you confirmation about if you are on the accurate way towards achieving your aims. This is significant because, without confirmation, it will become confusing for you to stay on the right track.

The report will let you follow the accurate direction in your life. With the guidance of these confirmations, you can validate your every move and achieve a big success in your life.

Don’t wait now, enter your name and date of birth to explain your actual personality. *By clicking the image here you will be taken to where you can enter your details and get a free report in your email. Try it now! Our Numerologist Com Reviews will tell about its uniqueness.

The Outlook of the Report Of

All reports come in video format. They are customized to be different for the viewer. The video is a mixture of a narration backed by text which is all awing. There is no possibility of skipping while watching it. However, you can stop it.

You then require to attentively be keen on the details or otherwise you will have to restore the page to watch it again.


The numbers also change in importance. Some are seen to give details about the more significant parts of your life than others. Every report concentrates on one of these key numbers. These numbers are related to ‘life paths’.

These revelations are going to assist you to rediscover yourself, explain to you more about your personality, unearth hidden talents and assist you to regain your footing in life once again.

Once you are through with the first video, there is another one that is given for those who may need to know about their future number. The future number is arrived at using your name.

Every letter corresponds to a certain number. To get your destiny number, the corresponding numerical values to the letter of your name will be calculated and the ultimate number is the destiny number. This number exposes your history up to the time you were born and your goal in life is.

The ultimate report of these predictions needs you to give your marital status. The number involved here is called the ‘soul urge’.

This number apparently shows your deepest desires and motivations. It will inform you of what you need to evolve in your relationships and life.

This end part of the report is the most extensive.

Features Of Numerology Name Number and Date of Birth Calculator:

Our Numerologist Com Reviews will tell you about some of the features and advantages you will get when you use


On the website, you will have the chance to explore numerology at a higher depth. Your name, your birth date, and even your phone number can be examined to provide you a single-digit number that will inform you more about yourself, your future, and your potential.

Once you’ve got your number, you can read more about your life right now and what you can expect. Your number is different, and even if you have a friend or loved one with the same number, your life tracks and futures are different.

You may discover that other numbers have importance in your life, too.

Predictions & Forecasts

Want to know what you can suppose in the next few weeks or during the entire month? Predictions and forecasts can assist you to reach and make decisions when it comes to small-term goals.

If earning more money is a desire of yours, you can check out the wealth forecast. The website gives a variety of forecasts based on particular dreams and aims.

Career & Wealth

Do you feel tight in your career and feel like you’re far away from attaining wealth? Career and wealth are two areas where numerous people desire to change, but most don’t know how to find or get in an accurate way.

A numerology reading and report can assist you to find out how to progress in these areas and make the appropriate life changes.

Love & Relationships

Have you gone through life having a series of serious relationships? Do you frequently wonder if there’s anyone out there destined to be with you? Are you afraid that you’ll resolve before you find “The One?”

While a numerology statement and reading won’t explain to you who your ideal partner is or will be, you can read more about yourself and your ideal partner.

Through self-discovery and working tools like your Life Path number, you can find an ideal match or read how to strengthen or change a current relationship. You can also read a lot about other personal or professional relationships.

Health & Well-Being

Does stress rule your life? Are you continually tired, unhappy, and feel usually unwell? Maybe your temper is small, and your power is low. Living the “wrong” life can affect you down and can even make you sick.

A numerology reading can encourage you to discover the changes you can make to enhance your overall health and well-being. A career change or learning how to change at self-care can change your life.

Personal Growth & Success

In an excellent life, individual growth and success would come easily and without much struggle. If you haven’t been successful, it’s likely related to your lack of personal growth.

Success and individual growth don’t happen overnight but when you read more about your potential both can be achieved more easily and instantly.


I pay close consideration to your horoscope and view it on a daily basis, you’re already engaging in numerology. Both astrological and numerology studies are based upon your birth date.

Improving your understanding of your astrological sign can assist you can a better understanding of your numerology statement and all of your potential.


Do you believe in angels? Do you seek spiritual guidance in your everyday life? Not only can you tap your potential at but you can also read to strengthen your spiritual side.

If you are a spiritual person, discovering how to become more in tune can help grow your well-being overall.


Tarot cards are an interesting and interesting way to see how you could be living your life. By understanding your past, present, and future, you can see how to lead a more intuitive life.

On the website, you can get regular readings, much like the forecast prediction reports.

Will You Get Benefit From Numerology Name, Number and Date of Birth Calculator Report?

To be honest, it is hard to say for someone who you don’t know individually. Numerology is a magical practice that can’t be proven scientifically.

Before processing with numerology, it is important to keep in mind that numerology is not for everyone. It requires your TRUST.

Numerology is not for someone who feels numerology can spoil their religious faith or for someone who believes in science and hates palm studies, Astrology, psychic studies or anything like that.

Over the internet, you will find numerous supporters of Numerology, and various celebrities have changed their birth names according to numerology and got success in their careers.

Some people do business decisions on what they get from numerology. But on the other hand, numerous don’t find Numerology effective for them.

So, it is a controversial topic.

However, if you are someone who wants to change your life around and looking for answers to your significant questions, then numerology is fit for you.

If you want someone to encourage you in choosing the correct name or life path or career, then you can take guidance from numerology.

With the guidance of numerology, you can take advice on your health, relationship, career and life decisions. You can apply numerology to find what is the best career for you or if a specific person is right for you and much more.

In brief, numerology is the answer to your all questions.


However, anything you will learn about yourself through numerology should not be taken as the last word or absolute path. It is most beneficial to use numerology as a piece of advice and think once before making the ultimate decision.

If you are ready to apply numerology then you have two options:

First, spend many hours on understanding numerology and what it holds for you. Recognition of numerology is difficult and can take you many years to discover about you. Moreover, the uncertainties of error are high in this option.

Second, get your personalized numerology shot from any online service and discover your genuine personality. This is where you can take aid from

This service charges you a nominal fee, but it will save time and most importantly, the uncertainty of error is almost zero.

I hope you will take a good decision for yourself after studying this article. Our Numerologist Com Reviews will guide you about the benefits of numerology.

Numerologist Com Reviews – The Good And Bad Points:

The Good Points of Numerologist.Com:

  • Variety – that’s the greatest selling point for The collection of reports that they have means that there is something for everyone. Over and above that, the reports are particular and address areas that you’re concerned about in detail.
  • This is significant because most numerology reports by other sites are a mishmash of various topics. This is not what most people want. The man who is interested in the financial areas of his life is not looking for love advice. gets that and only provides you a report on what you really require.
  • Here’s the most beneficial part – you can test the services out. Go ahead and try one of their free statements. You’ll be so affected that you’ll probably get a few other specific reports done. Most other numerology sites do not let you test their service. This one does because it’s legit and understands that it can pass your ‘test.’
  • The service comes with a 60-day return policy. So, not only can you examine their service, but they’re also ready to refund your buying if you’re not happy. That makes this totally risk-free.
  • This site has been an online bestseller for several years now. It’s not a fly-by-night service that’s now available and may gone tomorrow. The repeat customers and continued fame is social proof that knows what it’s doing.
  • During trying times, turning to numerology might seem like a useless effort. Yet, the nagging doubts and questions that are at the back of your mind may be answered in the articles that you get from here.
  • Just having a report that assures you and guides you a small can be good for the soul and lift your spirits. It will provide you the power to keep going forward in a way that’s following universal laws
  • Purity is the last sophistication… and understands this
  • . Their reports are easy to understand, and the advice is simply digestible. There are no difficult terms or flowery language that’ll leave you more confused.
  • What you want is simple and comprehensible advice that you can follow. Most people don’t have time to know ‘numerological reduction’ or the relationship between numbers. They just want the knowledge that affects their life… and Numerologist’s reports provide you Accurately that.

The Bad Points Numerologist.Com:

  • Probably the hugest hurdle to overcome will be disbelief. We live in a cynical world these days. Even religions that have been around for centuries have more doubters now than ever before. So, it may be hard to believe that numerology works.
  • However, it can’t hurt to try it. You may be amazed at what you see. After all, you’re still covered by their money-back guarantee. So, if you believe it’s all hogwash, you can always get your money back.
  • You can only get these numerology articles online. So, you’ll require a computer with internet access. Once you download the reports, you can print them out for simple reference.
  • As with all things, some compliance is essential. If the reports include advice and instructions, you may need to adhere to them, or at the quite least be wary of what’s stated.
  • com only releases reports and not audios/videos. So, if you have a disdain for study, this might put you off.
  • Our Numerologist Com Reviews have guided you about both positive and negative aspects of the product.

The Pricing of Numerology Name, Number and Date of Birth Calculator Report:

The initial trial on this site comes free. After that, you will give $37 to subscribe to the premium package. This is a fair price related to the vast amount of knowledge you will get for the next 9 years.

You will get everyday readings about your life for the next 18 months. You are also going to get monthly readings for the next 9 years.

Everything is presented in digital format. Its immediate access once you buy it.

Another product is available on the site for purchase known as Romantic Compatibility Analysis. It goes for $19.99.

It assists you to learn more about your partner and encourage you in making the best decisions in your relationship.

Other products accessible on the site include:

  • Customized Personality Profile sold at $15.
  • A 1 Year Forecast Report at $12.99.
  • The Lo Shu Personality at $14.97.
  • Mastering the Matrix at $14.97.
  • 10 reports and e-books at $9.77. These are however free for premium subscribers.
  • The Good Luck Amplifier sold also at $14.97.
  • The 1 Minute Relationship Forecast also at $14.97 and many more products.

I cannot record all the products suggested here in this short review. You can visit the site to find out more on the other packages on sale. Our Numerologist Com Reviews will guide you about its pricing.

Should You Get It?

When it comes to numerology reports, these groups are second to none. Their variety and efficiency are off the charts. The fact that they’ve been an online bestseller for years with thousands of happy customers is a testimony of their quality.

The reports are affordable, and if you want some additional guidance or an edge in handling life properly, these numerology reports may be your solution.

Give them a try. You have everything to get and nothing to lose. Get a report prepared today and surprised at the results.


Numerologist Com Reviews: The Final Verdict – Is It Worth The Investment?

Before designing this article, we examined this service to check if it really gives that much reliable information that it is claiming in their video.

Once we get the report, we were truly impressed with the detailed information it gives regarding different areas of life and predictions are pretty much perfect as well.

It is said that Numerology is not for everyone. If you consider numerology is against your religious principles or you have a firm consider in traditional science, then you should avoid charts. Just like palm reading, numerology based on magical science which is hard to verify scientifically.

Additionally, charts are not really popular among non-readers because these reports are detailed and they require time to examine them. If you are a follower of the small stories, then you should avoid it.

However, on the other hand, if you have confidence in numerology and looking for an answer that can ‘support’ you in making a greater decision towards your career, health, relationship or anything, then you can get exceptional help from PDF.

It is really common for a normal individual to be skeptical about this kind of numerology chart as there are numerous fake numerologists out there.

However, the only answer to finding if reports are genuine is to try them. Just to let you know Mike is giving first free report absolutely free to check the efficiency of these reports and in case if you decide to purchase their premium reports, then you will get 60-days money-back guarantee as well.

Regarding the option of the free report and money-back guarantee, I don’t think you have any reason for not trying it out. Enter the details here and get your free report now.

That was it from this report, if you have anything to share then feel free to share it with us using the comment box here or if you want to ask a question then message us and we will strive our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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