Iron Eyes: “America must appreciate its land based spirit & identity.”

We are at Bear Butte.

The place we planned to camp was closed down temporarily. I got a call back from the old state park ranger who knew the spiritual leader who would take us to this place held sacred by many Tribal Nations.


The ranger offered to let us camp in the restricted area but we had secured a camping spot thanks to the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Nation.

America is 240 years old and we must hold our places sacred too.


runnersWe have to learn from each other.

We run to show 50,000 bikers we are still here, in a good way.  We raise awareness that certain places should be respected. These lands, waters and beings were here before us & will embrace us in the beyond.

America must appreciate its land based spirit & identity.


Bear Butte is a geological feature located near Sturgis, South Dakota that was established as a State Park in 1961. The mountain is sacred to many indigenous peoples, who make pilgrimages to leave offerings tied to the branches of the trees along the mountain’s flanks. Other offerings are often left at the top of the mountain. The site is associated with various religious ceremonies throughout the year.

The mountain is a place of prayer, meditation, and peace. Official park policy advises visitors to Bear Butte to respect worshipers and to leave religious offerings undisturbed.

Human artifacts have been found on or near Bear Butte that date back 10,000 years, indicating a long and continuous interest in the mountain.The Cheyenne and Lakota people have maintained a spiritual interest in Bear Butte from their earliest recorded history.

Notable visitors like Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull made pilgrimages to the site.

In 1857, a council of many Indian nations gathered at Bear Butte to discuss the growing presence of white settlers in the Black Hills.


In 2011, the National Trust for Historic Preservation included Bear Butte on its list of the 11 Most Endangered Places.

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