BREAKING: VALLEY NEWS LIVE – ND Governor Jack Dalrymple Open to Host Meeting w/ Tribal Leaders and Protestors


By Chris Berg |

Earlier today Morton County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference (you can watch the press conference below) where ND Governor Jack Dalrymple called in the National Guard to assist with the Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

One of the things, I have been asking our Federal and State leaders to do is to sit down with the Tribal Leaders and try to work out a PEACEFUL and POWERFUL resolution with all parties involved.

Earlier today, I visited with Chase Iron Eyes, he is a Native American running for Congress in North Dakota, and he told me that after the press conference today he asked Governor Dalrymple, “if he would be willing to host Dakota Access/Energy Transfer executives, Tribal Leaders and protest camp leaders to a summit to discuss the situation.” Per Chase, Governor Dalrymple said he would act as a host to such a meeting. That is a GREAT start to what I hope is a peaceful resolution to this situation.

Chase said the Governor was not clear on if this meeting would take place before or after the judge’s decision on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe injunction against the Army Corps of Engineers. The judge’s decision is scheduled to come out tomorrow sometime.

I have spoken with some of our leaders, and they have told me that they have been in communication with the Tribal Leaders over the phone. I asked Chase about this in the context of the Native American culture having a history of meeting face to face and having a peace pipe type ceremony in the past. Chase told me he feels a face-to-face meeting is very important, and it would make a big difference in the eyes of the Native Americans and Tribal Leaders. He also said this type of meeting is important because the emotions are running high right now for the parties involved.

I hope this summit takes place and we can resolve this situation in a peaceful manner.

Below is the video of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Press Conference:

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