Iron Eyes: “The majority of us are evolving in mutual respect. That’s our North Dakota.”


Bernie is the real deal. We must not fall prey to the tactics of division & fear at work in declaring a state of emergency, activating our national guard, instituting roadblocks, using vicious attack dogs, suppressing our vote and on and on.



I don’t believe North Dakota is racist, a certain % of the ReTrumplicans are—but we can vote them out—if you would only vote.



The majority of us are evolving in mutual respect.
That’s our North Dakota.




Why didn’t you just keep this pipeline east of the Missouri? You who sold out are to blame for the violations of constitutional rights, you are inconveniencing our quiet citizens, not the water protectors.


Marc Belisle: MONEY TRAIL EXPOSED: The Dakota Access Pipeline Is A Corrupt Monstrosity And Must Be Stopped

“…So, who is investing in this black snake? Citibank is acting as the accountant for three companies in the ETP network that will fund the project, Democracy Now reported. Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco Logistics, and Energy Transfer Equity have each launched a line of credit. Research by Little Sis revealed that 38 banks have invested in those credit lines in amounts ranging from $30 million to $589.5 million for a total of $10.25 billion. These banks include such Wall Street usual suspects as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and Citibank.”


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