ND Candidates running for Congress weigh in on DAPL


IRON EYES was recently interviewed weighing in on the higher level of care needing taken in our review of entitlement and permit applications for critical projects, potentially destructive to our North Dakota communities and their resources, such as the Dakota Access Pipeline project application.

His opponent’s campaign, Kevin Cramer’s campaign, is heavily funded by private oil interests.  Accordingly, differences between the candidates’ positions surrounding taking due care with North Dakota’s community resources—are rather obvious.

You can watch his interview here…


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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) The protest and legal battle over an oil pipeline being constructed near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is drawing varying reactions from the candidates running for North Dakota’s sole seat in the House of Representatives.

There’s been confusion and chaos after a federal judge rejected the tribe’s efforts to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Immediately following that decision, the Department of Justice stepped in, announcing they would stop pipeline work temporarily on Federal land.

“This huge huge historic battle is happening right in our backyard in North Dakota and right near the Standing Rock Reservation,” said Chase Iron Eyes, who is running for the state’s at-large seat in Congress.

He’d like to see the Army Corps of Engineers conduct a full environmental impact statement of the pipeline project before moving forward.

“It serves a legitimate purpose of quantifying and putting into paper the impact that a pipeline burst would have on the drinking water,” Chase Iron Eyes said.

The lawyer and American Indian activist says the pipeline’s owner, Energy Transfer Partners should consider other options.

“Either re-routing the pipeline, not crossing the Missouri River at all, building a bridge, keeping the pipeline above ground,” he explained.

The majority of the pipeline runs under private land. The only missing part of the puzzle is an easement that’s required to install the segment through Lake Oahe, which is still under consideration by the Army Corps of Engineers.

“The company wouldn’t have built as much of the pipeline that they had if they thought there was any chance whatsoever that they wouldn’t get a permit,” said incumbent Congressman Kevin Cramer. “What type of transportation infrastructure is safe if the administration can decide to change the rules after the game?”

Rep. Cramer says a full Environmental Impact Statement could take up to a year and he’s hoping for a quick resolution.

“I suppose the Department of the Army, the Department of the Interior and the Department of Justice could do a very fast review of the process to make sure one more time to make sure the Corps of Engineers did everything properly,” Cramer said.

Both candidates say they want all parties to come together to discuss a peaceful solution.

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