Iron Eyes for Congress gives closing statement summary  of the DEM-NPL 2016 CANDIDATE PRESS CONFERENCE ON DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE held in BISMARCK, ND – 9/22/16.


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Chase Iron Eyes has previously said on the topic:

“People have asked where I stand on the Dakota Access pipeline issue.
I have said it many times in many different media sources…

…that water security is foremost in the world.

There is no Bakken play, there is no lignite coal development, there is no farming, no ranching, no agriculture, no hunting, no fishing, no tourism, no industry, no jobs, zero economic development whatsoever without water. None. This is a matter of national security. So I don’t think the pipeline should cross the Missouri, at all.

Progressives and smart people should vote so we have leadership that feels that way instead of bowing to outside exploitation.

All options should be on the table.

Energy Transfer needs to talk to the Tribes & the protector camps. See where their positions are.

I don’t support unlawful, violent protests, at all. I also don’t support unlawful, violent attack dogs & alleged deliberate destruction, at all.

I have friends and family in the protest camps at the same time I’m trying to represent all North Dakotans.”


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