Iron Eyes for Congress: “We control our future.”


The Top Contributors to Kevin Cramer’s Campaign:

Oasis Petroleum-$23,400
MBI Energy Services-$16,200
Armstrong Corp-$12,800
Western CO of Texas-$12,700
Cody Oil & Gas-$11,400

The need for real campaign finance reform is not a progressive issue. It is not a democratic issue. It is not a republican issue. It is a North Dakota issue. As outside energy companies like Oasis, like Western Co. of Texas, like the Armstrong Corporation, take a growing interest in our state–this is an issue that should, and must concern every North Dakotan. Regardless of political viewpoint, every North Dakotan should be concerned by this outside corporate money flowing into our state, and buying our politicians

The issue of big money is one that is affecting our entire country, and if we want to preserve the essence of the longest standing democracy in the world–we must say no to it. The power belongs to the people, all of the people. North Dakota is our home, and if we want to preserve our democracy here at home we need politicians that will not, and do not, accept outside corporate money.

Chase Iron Eyes’ hope for North Dakota is for a state in which all the people, regardless of their income, can be part of the political process. Chase will not beg for campaign donations from the wealthy. Chase will not make promises that undermine North Dakota’s democracy, in exchange for large campaign contributions from multibillion dollar, out of state, corporations.

Chase Iron Eyes will fight for a North Dakota in which every person–our working people and middle class, low-income people, the elderly, our children, the agricultural community–has a right to politicians who will fight for them. Who will work to ensure their voices are heard. Who will tirelessly advocate for them. And who will never be bought by outside big money and corporate influence.

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