How To Calculate Your Life Path and Destiny Number

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How To Calculate Destiny NumberHow To Calculate Your Life Path and Destiny Number

Have you ever discovered yourself looking at the clock at accurately 11:11? Questioning why you so often join people born on the same day of the month? Or why your favorable number turns up in the most amazing places? The answers you ask, cosmic warrior, are installed within the esoteric rules of digits.

Numerology is the mystical study of — you imagined it — numbers.

Just as astrology the asteroids and zodiac signs are connected to particular characteristics within astrology, according to the instructions of numerology, certain numbers are connected with special traits or themes.

These numbers are used to offer penetration on personality, future events, and even life’s higher goal.

I talked with Ophi Edut of the AstroTwins about the connection between astrology and numerology. “Numerology is an excellent guide to astrology.

It helps explain the sign by giving additional nuance,” Ophi explains, adding that numerology improves your understanding of self by revealing not just how you represent yourself, but where you output your natural energy. “Numerology reveals the age of your soul.

If you’re a Leo sun with an 8 Life Path, you know that the Leo energy is being cleaned more inside than externally.”

Numerology is also an excellent tool for making sense of recurring symbols. “With numerology, you can use special pieces of information, such as a home address, to derive specifications,” Ophi says. “You really start to see designs everywhere.”

Numerical return and synchronicity have been recognized for thousands of years. Chaldean numerology is based on old Babylonian practices, and Kabbalistic studies of Jewish mysticism investigate recurring digits within the Old Testament.

In fact, several occultists believe that the appearance of 11:11 is connected to the Tetragrammaton — the unpronounceable four-letter name for the God of Israel.

The numerology most commonly studied today is based on the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was an intelligent mathematician, but he wasn’t just involved in quantitative solutions. He thought that the physical world was composed of the energetic waves of numbers, and produced a system that answered letters with integers. His work was a study of numerical interconnectivity.

But you don’t want to be a math person to examine the magic of numerology. All it takes to start revealing the mystical characteristics of numbers is a pen, paper, and some easy arithmetic (or the nearest calculator).

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How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

The most obvious way to start working with numerology is by examining your different dates of birth. Numerology is all about getting to the root number.

To do this, you just reduce numbers until you reach a single-digit number, excluding 11 and 22, which are supposed Master Numbers (more on this later). This single digit is your personal Life Path Number.

The Life Path Number is related to your astrological sun sign: It shows your greater purpose, including strengths, weaknesses, skills, and goals.

Your Life Path Number also reveals the tone of your experiences, and why events occur past present, and future. Easily put, it’s the way to the madness.

Let’s say your birthday is on December 15, 1992. To determine your Life Path Number, you will defeat each component of this date to a unique digit:

The month, 12, is reduced to 1 + 2 = 3.

The date, 14, is reduced to 1 + 5 = 6.

The year, 1992, is reduced to 1 + 9 + 9 + 2. This equal 21. Then, 21 is reduced to 2 + 1 = 3.

Then, we add the shortened month, date, and year numbers (3 + 6 + 3) and come at 12. Finally, we add 1 + 2 and reach 3. If you were born on December 15, 1992, your Life Path Number is 3. It may appear daunting at first, but once you see it all written out this form, it becomes far less intimidating, no?

Master Numbers

As discussed above, the only time you would not defeat the final number is if you attain 11 or 22. These are granted Master Numbers and connote a more enhanced version of their root numbers (2 and 4, respectively).

Master Numbers recommend a high degree for learning, achievement, or success, but likely in more stressful or high-pressure conditions.

For instance, Sir Paul McCartney, perhaps England’s most famous Gemini, was born on June 18, 1942. When this date is decreased (month = 6, day = 9, year = 7), the sum is 22. Rather than explain this to a single digit (yielding 4), the number 22 indicates the Master Number — the higher-octane repetition of 4, revealing McCartney’s strong “life mission.”

Converting Letters to Find Your Destiny Number

You can also use numerology to determine the root number of names or words — this is where our antique buddy Pythagoras lends a hand. According to his theories, certain letters have special numerical values, which are as follows:

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Using this method, it’s easy to discover the root number connected with names, which numerologists relate to as your Destiny Number.

To find your End Number, calculate the root number of your full name (first, middle, last) by defeating each name to a single digit, and totaling up the total.

For example, my full name reveals my Destiny Number: ALIZA (1 + 3 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 22, which becomes 2 + 2 = 4) KELLY (2 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 7 = 20, which becomes 2 + 0 = 2) FARAGHER (6 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 7 + 8 + 5 + 9 = 46, which becomes 4 + 6 = 10, then finally, 1 + 0 = 1), resulting in a Destiny Number of 7 (because 4 + 2 + 1 = 7).

Whereas your Life Path shows your greater confidence, your Destiny Number allows insight as to how you will express your higher goals.

So, as a Life Path 8 person, my purpose is to cultivate abundance, and I will express this by my Destiny Number 7: analysis, research, and important research. Sounds about right.

Number Interpretations

So, now that you’ve added your Life Path Number and Lot Number, it’s time to find out what these numbers really mean. Let’s dig in.

Most Common

Number 1 (10/1, 19/1)

Just as Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is about work and induction, in numerology, 1 is linked to forward movement. 1 symbolizes a pioneering animation, independent nature, and innate leadership skills.

On a bad day, 1 can be a bit bossy or proud, hiding any uncertainties behind over-developed self-importance. 1 must recognize that although it is first, it can very immediately become a single number.

Even the most independent 1s need the support of their friends, family, and fans.

Number 2 (11/2, 20/2)

2 is connected to sensitivity, stability, and harmony. Within numerology, the 2 vibration considers the role of the mediator, creating music by bringing together different forces through kindness, empathy, and understanding.

2 is connected to psychic skills and intuition, and if this number arises as a Life Path or Destiny Number, the person will be astute to subtle energy shifts and sensitive nuances.

Because 2 is so sensitive, it is very conflict-averse, and can end up thinking under-appreciated or unacknowledged. 2 must evade seeking outside validation and, instead, realize that perfect stability needed already lives within.

Number 3 (12/3, 21/3)

Communication is supreme for 3. Symbolically, 3 represents the output of two combined forces: It is the nature of creation. 3 is extremely gifted at expression, seamlessly sharing innovative and pioneering thoughts through art, writing, and oration.

Your work inspires, motivates, and uplifts others, and 3 gets great joy making others smile. However, 3 is also known to be pretty moody, and if 3 feels confused, may withdraw entirely.

The escapist trends of 3 are easily mitigated by following peaceful mindfulness: With such active creativity, it’s necessary for 3 to find moments of calm to reset, restore, and recharge.

Number 4 (13/4, 22/4, 31/4)

In numerology, 4 has an earthy-energy and is focused around fortifying its roots. 4 adamantly credits in the physical world and knows that spending in a solid infrastructure is essential for building a lasting legacy.

Practical, hardworking, and reliable, the 4 vibrations are centered on creating reasonable systems that can support the scalable increase.

There is a solidity to 4, however, that can immediately devolve into rigidity; 4 must remember that laws are meant to improve, not inhibit. It’s easy for 4 to become stubborn, so 4 advantages from learning to loosen up and think outside-the-box. 4 will feel liberated and motivated by finding the bravery to take some bold chances.

Number 5 (14/5, 23/5, 32/5)

Free-thinking, courageous, and progressive, 5 is characterized by freedom. 5 requires to experience the world by attacking its five senses: For 5, life lessons are obtained through casual acts of courage.

Akin to Sagittarius energy within astrology, 5 is recognized for its playful, impulsive, and vivacious quality. But on the other party of its signature joie de vivre, 5 can become nervous and restless.

Since 5 is always seeking innovation, it has a hard time allowing life’s day-to-day abilities — including professional and interpersonal responsibilities. 5 must remember that when it narrows its gaze, it will find that the most rewarding journey exists in its own backyard.

Number 6 (15/6, 24/6, 33/6)

6 is identified for its nurturing, supportive, and empathic nature. A true healer, 6 has the capability to problem work in both the nervous and physical realms, helping others by its honest, yet gentle, approach.

6 has a strong sense of responsibility and cares strongly for its friends, family, and lovers. This number also can clearly communicate with children and animals, representing a soft tenderness and caretaker quality.

But not everything needs to be raised, and sometimes 6’s emergency energy can become domineering and autocratic.

To avoid taking the world on its shoulders, 6 must learn to build trust and understanding for others: Just put, everyone must understand their own unique path.

Number 7 (16/7, 25/7, 34/7)

The investigators of numerology, 7 is known for its investigative skills and analytical abilities. Astrologically, the number 7 can be considered as a blend of Virgo and Scorpio energy: 7 is greatly detail-oriented but is driven by inner-wisdom as exposed to tangible certainties.

7 has a keen eye, and its astute comments fuel a quick-witted, inventive spirit. Because it can immediately find the flaws in almost any system, 7 is a bit of a perfectionist.

7 will often consider fault, so it’s essential for this number to counterbalance its inherent uncertainty with an open spirit. Not everything will be foolproof — but that’s what gives life fun.

Number 8 (17/8, 26/8, 35/8)

8 is all about excess. Within numerology, this number is connected to material wealth and economic success. Ambitious and goal-oriented, 8 can effortlessly understand leadership stands by its natural magnetism.

8 applies big-picture thinking to expand its scope, running up the top of any ladder to reach remarkable heights. But with great power comes great ability:

8 breeds workaholics, and on a bad day, can become extremely predominant and possessive. However, its negative features can be lessened by giving back to society. By using is expert to help others, 8 realizes that there is nothing more valuable than giving to the greater good.

Number 9 (18/9, 27/9, 36/9)

As the last single digit within numerology, 9 connotes an old soul. 9 is no visitor life’s ups-and-downs of life — been there, done that.

Therefore, 9 can effortlessly integrate large quantities of stimuli, psychically joining the dots to form a cohesive whole.

The purpose of 9 is to reach its highest state of knowledge and to help others also perform this spiritual awareness. 9 isn’t afraid to change, and its plastic spirit encourages others to investigate their own series of motion.

Since 9, in many ways, has transformed the physical plane, it must continually remember to anchor itself. 9 must learn to balance the ideal with the tangible, ultimately getting its place at the cloverleaf of fantasy and reality.

Master Number 11 (11/2)

Master Number 11 revs up the energy of Number 2; its goal is to heal self and others through its elevated psychic experiences.

Often times, Master Number 11’s intuitive benefits are a result of extreme life conditions: Master Number 11 has no choice but to cultivate extrasensory abilities. In numerology, Master Number 11 is compared to religious enlightenment, information, and philosophical balance.

Master Number 22 (22/4)

Master Number 22, often related to as the Master Builder, grows on the vibrations of Number 4.

Master Number 22 is encouraged to create policies in the physical realm that transcend immediate realities — by fusing the tangible and immaterial, Master Number 22 cultivates a dynamic long-term legacy.

Master Number 22’s abilities are usually a byproduct of early childhood change that fuels innovative thought. Industrious, creative, and sure, Master Number 22 is always on a mission to transform.


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