How to Calculate Your Numerology Soul Number

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Numerology Soul Number

How to Calculate Your Numerology Soul Number
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Often associated with as the Heart’s Desire, or Soul Number, this central element of your numerology chart strips back the layers of your Numerology chart.

Whilst your Life Path Number provides meaning to the regulation of your journey by life, and your Destiny Number shows your gifts, talents, and different offerings to the world, the Soul Urge Number is what opens the more challenging you. The eternal, pure you. You which is so often protected from the external world.

Deciphering this private, personal code shows your core desires, your inner desires and urges. It shows up your feelings and your concerns and what moves you on a deep, religious level. The Soul Urge, quite frankly, reveals the guiding force after what your Soul came here to encounter in this lifetime.

Once this number is opened, for many people, life starts to make sense. Depression and stress often lift, as the stirrings of the Soul can be certainly identified, nurtured, and given the fuel that it requires, to thrive and find meaning in the universe.



In Pythagorean Numerology, the Soul Urge Number (like the Destiny/ Expression Number) appears from the letters in your full name. However, to estimate it, we use only the vowels.

**This is because the consonants are said with sharp edges and have a definitive start or end. They are the receptacles for how we express, representing our public character and the traits we outwardly show to the world. But vowels are pronounced from free-flowing breath, they are composed of air, Spirit, and the formless, timeless character we hold within.  

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  • First drop all of the consonants in your full birth name chart, so that you have only vowels enduring.
  • Take the importance assigned to each of these letters (using the table below) and add them all together.
  • Add those numbers together and defeat this to a single digit (or Master Number). Simple!

A = 1

E = 5

I = 9

O = 6

U = 3

Y=7 … Sometimes.



It can be difficult to know what to do with the letter Y because sometimes it’s done as a consonant, and sometimes as a vowel. It all depends on how it’s being done within each particular word, and what sound it makes.

Here are a couple of rules to support, to help you work out whether to carry it in your calculation:


  • Y is the only vowel sound in the syllable (Terry, Gryffin, Kylie)
  • Y introduces a vowel in another syllable and gives an additional vowel sound (Nya, Hyacinth)


  • When Y is used in place of a strong consonant sound (Yoda, Yuliana, Toyota)
  • When Y serves a vowel in the same syllable and does not give a separate vowel sound (Grayson, Maya, Nataliya)


11 and 22 are Master Numbers, and they have different meanings that need stand-alone readings. If you give totals of 11 or 22 (and in many cases 33) stop your calculation there. You do not require to continue decreasing.


Your Soul Urge is to be the driving power in life.

You have a rooted belief that what you feel, say and do has excellent value in the world (and you’re right).

You want to be heard, and for others to follow your leadership. You trust your instincts, often over the views and views of others, and have the makings of a great leader and a pioneer for development.

You may have problems with authority during your life, not least because your self-assuredness often means that others seem to you for guidance and direction, despite the position you take.

You are dedicated and loyal, however, your aggressive nature means others are simply silenced in your closeness, and you may not even notice the hurt feelings of those you leave in your viewing. You must be careful that your courage isn’t Meningconfused with pride, and your desire for progress doesn’t create an unnecessary fight.

Whilst you’ll never be satisfied unless in a position of influence or power, try to make friends on the way up. You never understand when you may require some loyalty in return.


Your Soul Urge is to be required, respected and loved by all.

You are caused by relationships and have a sincere need to connect with others. You are delicate and tactful and constantly striving to ensure harmony, balance, and collaboration prevail wherever you are. Life can begin to feel very tired, very quickly at the first sign of struggle or drama, so you do your very best to keep the love (and it’s something you’re good at!)

You may have problems with self-trust throughout your life, not because you don’t consider yourself, but because you always want someone else’s opinion or view to measure, contrast or connect to your own. Without an outside point of reference, you can feel lost, or even lonely.

Your powerful, often an intuitive connection to others means that you’re a natural team player and an important contributor to the whole. But you must ensure that your kindness and sympathy doesn’t leave you too open or exposed. Strong emotional limits will ensure you’re not taken benefit of in life.


Your Soul Urge is to cultivate and display your magic.

You’re exciting, witty and original and instinctively see the positive side to every situation. You seek pleasure and fun and this gives you magnetic to other people, as you can’t support but share your shiny view with everyone about you.

You’re a player at heart and love nothing more than an adoring public. This means you have the potential to gain great fame and attention in your life, particularly within the Arts.

You’re expected to be confused and even scattered in your strategy to life. This can make you look uncommitted or unfaithful, so you need to learn to channel and give your creativity to fewer, larger plans as you progress.

You will always have experts in life – this is part of the area for a Soul Urge 3, so your objection is to rise above them and grow fierce self-love.


Your Soul Urge is to discover beauty, order, and balance in the chaos of life.

You get a Zen-like pleasure in performing the single dull, domestic or practical tasks as you feel in most association with your heart when returning the form to crazy positions. You are a producer of systems and love to make plans and create the world around you. Others feel an innate sense of safety and security when near you, and you’re often called upon for guidance and counsel.

You likely fear change or doubt, which means you may miss out on chances to grow. It’s essential that you give yourself enough space for spontaneous activities, and frequently do things that take you out of your convenience zone.

You’re especially loyal, patient and generous. But your straight-talking approach can sometimes be taken as a little harsh or unkind (though never intentional) so developing greater abilities of empathy and tact, would likely serve you well.


Your Soul Urge is to endure as much class as you can.

You have an analytical mind and a thirst for experience that is only satisfied when you’re on a quest of finding. Travel is your desire, and you feel at your most alive when you’re on the open road, reaching new people and encountering new things. This means that you may immediately become jaded or restless and try with commitment in ordinary life. And if you feel too hemmed in, either by a position or a partner, then you’ll quickly discover ways to rebel.

Your enthusiasm encourages others and you simply make friends. Unfortunately, maintaining these connections can be much harder for you, as once the original spark of excitement has worn off you’re often tight to opening up to others in more profound ways.

You have an innate sense of belief that the Universe will look after you, but don’t simply share this trust with the people in your life, so learning to be exposed with others is a great challenge, but one which will presently bring you much depth and satisfaction.


Your Soul Urge is to train and care for others.

You love people and have a real gift for creating the right circumstances for others to develop and reach their highest potentials. You have a deep need to produce for other people’s needs and an inherent sense of what those demands are.

You are most comfortable when you can see the positive effects of your influence unfolding, and behold the people around you growing and happy. But this selfless strategy to life can often lead to you missing your own requirements, so you must secure your energy does not become exhausted and you regularly care for yourself, as much as for others.

You may have perfectionist trends, leading to very high expectations of yourself and others which means it can be very hard for you or anybody else to reach the high purposes you set. This can lead to frustration and resentment, so you must learn to let go, or true satisfaction and happiness will always be difficult.


Your Soul Urge is to find meaning in the world around you.

You’re a natural seeker of knowledge, on an eternal quest to find out the “hows” and “whys” of life. Whether in clear, historical, literary or mystical realms, you have a long yearning to always know more.

Because of your questioning life, you can often feel as though you don’t quite go in the world. That other can simply accept things at face value is a secret to you, so it’s likely that you naturally separate yourself from them and may be regarded as an outsider.

In truth, you are different, and your views are of great value to the world. Creating healthy expressions and outlets for your ideas and theories is vital if you are to perform your potential, and gain the trust of your peers.

You must also work to improve self-trust, as however much groundwork and analysis you do, ultimately, your truth will be found within.


Your Soul Urge is to find power, status, and success.

You are excited by success and achievement, especially when it’s rewarded financially. But this isn’t a narrow yearning – your desire to control devices stems from a deep need to enhance the lives of others and distribute wealth respectively. You know commerce, trade, and business and want it to profit those you love.

You are fearless, ambitious, and have high levels of stamina. Your strong sense of confidence may come across as oppressive to others, but you just want to achieve the profit that you work so hard for!

Your challenge is not to be overcome by material increases, but to go the extra mile and use the money and power that you so naturally attract, for the greater good. You are a natural leader, so ensure that you lead by example and act with honesty at all times. You can instill great trust and respect from others, so the power you wield mustn’t be abused.


Your Soul Urge is to create the world a better place for the organization.

You’re generous at heart, and yearn to leave a lasting legacy of wellness and love wherever you go. Profoundly altruistic, you only want the best for people, and have the short gift of seeing into their souls and knowing precisely what this is.

You have fantastic perspectives and are unwaveringly confident. You have the uncanny capacity to always see (and believe) in the best potential outcome in any circumstances.

You want to impart your wisdom, experience, and insight to others, but must be concerned that your well-wishes don’t come across as proud. Often viewed as someone who has all the answers (and willingly offers them) can mean that others come to resent and strike against your advice. Or alternatively, they continue thinking for themselves when they’re around you, so you must be very concerned that your desire to help doesn’t conflict with others’ need to get their own way through life, and crucially, make their own errors.

It is also necessary for you to learn the art of fair trade. You have such a liberal spirit that you can easily read, give, and give without receiving anything in return. Your visionary nature would love to think you are setting an example, but in fact, you could be creating a harmful imbalance of energy.


Your Soul Urge is to believe your inner voice and express this boldly into the world.

You are a delicate and insightful soul, and it’s likely that you have psychic gifts and the talent to channel high-frequency information. This can be a challenge – you may often feel ungrounded or sensitive, or too empathically aware of what others are thinking.

You are original and have a calming impact on others. In fact, it’s likely that other people are naturally drawn to you, sensing your highly healing meters by simply being in your neighborhood.

You may often feel like you are on a search for deep, religious truths and try to get these in many other people and their teachings. But your challenge is to go within and explore the peace you so want inside of yourself.


Your Soul Urge is to catalyze the conversion of the world.

You are a fantastic, and an architect of the future. Your perfect perspectives encourage others and implement the ambitious goals that others need to constantly evolve. But you are also grounded, stable, and practical so it’s unlikely that you regard your ideas as anything but ordinary!

Just like the Soul Urge 4, others feel an inherent sense of safety and security when near you, so you inspire a great deal of trust in them. As such, you will make a great manager, manager, and organizer of people. In fact, you will begin to realize your true calling only when you begin to see your grandest visions growing with the help of others, whom you have carefully addressed.

You must be sure that you follow your souls calling in life, and do not become sluggish and too safely confined in your support zone. Soul Urge 22s are designed for great things, but courage and self-belief must come first, lest their skills are frittered away.

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