chase at capitol

Chase and Team Iron Eyes have committed to the following initiatives:

1. Economic Empowerment. Chase realizes the economy changes and changes fast. As a state, North Dakota holds tremendous potential for Job Creation and Chase is committed to creating incentives at the federal level to encourage Business and Entrepreneurship as well as Education. A diversified economy is a strong economy. Our wealth creators and our working families deserve a government that meets them half way. Empowering our families means recognizing that water, food, agriculture, and energy security translate into National Security. We must ensure our grandchildren inherit the same Safe and Strong America that we know.

2. Women’s Rights. Chase was raised by women. He will do all he can to ensure women receive Equal Pay for Equal Work and that women are ensured of Paid Family and Medical Leave. Women are the backbone of America.

3. Mental Health and Drug Treatment. Rampant substance abuse knows no color, creed, religion, or other classification. Heroine, Opioids, Meth and other Prescription drug abuse is a very serious threat to our future. Chase is committed to ensuring we are not just filling private prisons on the tax-payer’s dime with people who need help.

In April of 2016 Chase Iron Eyes became the first Native American to receive the endorsement from the North Dakota Democratic Non-Partisan League to seek North Dakota’s lone seat in the United States House of Representatives.

History may be made if he is elected in November. Chase grew up on an Indian reservation in North Dakota overcoming many challenging circumstances including those societal ills that are symptoms of a poverty culture. He never made any excuses and learned to never quit. Chase is building a grassroots campaign to unseat an incumbent. Let’s make history together.


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