Money will rule us — if we let it

Money will always win in politics if we let it and as you can see money is winning over our values when we care more about the Kardashians than who is leading our Congress.

 Money will make you forget we are a democracy dependent upon our direct involvement in that democracy. Money will make ND forget there are 3000 oil spills that big oil refuses to clean up & that a Republican controlled government says there is no money to clean up.

 This race has never been about how much money I can raise, this is about how much awareness I can raise.


 This is about humanity and whether or not people are willing to pay attention to what’s important again, and that’s not $.

This race is about the critical times we find ourselves in. Money can make North Dakota ignore the fact that Kevin Cramer advised Donald Trump to let our entire ethanol industry die, a network of producers, haulers, buyers, sellers, and families, real life families buying health insurance; a network worth $300Million per year to ND buyers, sellers, retailers and so forth.

Money will make you overlook the fact that Cramer has already turned down one debate with me because you receive a “Coffee with Cramer” invite – possibly paid for with your tax dollars. Money will make you forget Trump will destroy our country; money will make you forget Cramer endorsed him.

Money will make you think the Republicans dominate ND because of their “common sense” or “fiscal conservative nature” when our state went from a $1Billion surplus to a $1Billion shortfall while they lowered the oil tax.

Money will make you forget Republican Trump supporters are a minority in the USA.

Money will make you forget that real progressive principles & those willing to defend the constitution are the future of America.

Money will make you forget that it has no value except that which humans place on it and that healthy ecosystems are the source of a healthy economy. No earth, no jobs.

Money will make you forget we are people not politics.

Money will make you forget that discrimination, fear and clinging to an obsolete past is disguised as “conservative.”

Money will make you think liberal is a bad word.

Money will make you forget the important things. Money will win if you let it.

Money will rule us if we let it.


Native American Candidates Get Little Financial Support From North Dakota Democrats

by Rob Port July 18th, 2016

Last month the Democratic and Republican candidates for the U.S. House filed their pre-primary fundraising reports, and we learned that Democratic challenger Chase Iron Eyes was way behind Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer in terms of dollars raised.

On Friday both candidates filed their July quarterly fundraising reports, and it’s clear that Iron Eyes simply isn’t getting a lot of support from Democrats. Granted, he’s a Democrat running against a Republican incumbent in a deeply Republican state, but even compared to what past Democratic House candidates have raised at this point in the election cycle, Iron Eyes is way, way behind.

This graph shows fundraising for the last three Democratic candidates for the House in North Dakota through the July quarterly report of the election year:

You can read the full quarterly FEC report for the Iron Eyes campaign below.

The Cramer campaign’s FEC report is here. He reported raising $1,082,575.63 in the 2016 election cycle through the end of June, and ended the reporting period with no debt and $677,065.62 in cash on hand.

The FEC website didn’t show that Libertarian House candidate Jack Seaman had filed a July quarterly report. His pre-primary reported no fundraising.

Not only is Iron Eyes struggling to garner the sort of fiscal support it takes to unseat a mostly popular incumbent like Rep. Cramer, but he’s far behind the level of monetary support previous Democratic candidates have enjoyed at this point in previous political cycles.

His campaign has a great deal more debt, too. Neither Pam Gulleson nor George Sinner had any campaign debt at this point in the election cycle. Iron Eyes ended the July reporting period with more debt ($53,378.93) than cash on hand ($30,866.67).

This is all the more curious with Democrats running three Native American candidates for statewide office (including Iron Eyes), touting those candidates as outreach to the state’s Native American communities. “[W]e stand in solidarity with our tribes and want them to have better relationships between tribal and state governments, and this is an important way to do that,” North Dakota Democratic Party chairwoman Kylie Oversen said back in April.

But if these Native American candidates are so important to Democrats, why aren’t they getting financial support in keeping with what past (and white) Democratic candidates have received?

The other Native American candidates on the statewide ballot are doing even worse than Iron Eyes. Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, who is running for the Public Service Commission, reported having raised zero dollars in a pre-primary report filed in May, as did Insurance Commissioner candidate Ruth Buffalo.

You almost get the idea that Democrats don’t view these candidates as serious challengers worthy of their support.”

[The original blog article (above) posted on included the public FEC Form 3 for Iron Eyes for Congress July’s Quarterly reporting.]